Revolutionizing Discovery of Aptamer Therapeutics

SELEX Platform 2.0


 Reducing SELEX cycles

 Increasing success rate

 No Lead-optimization

Characteristics of Guardian's Therapeutic Aptamers


  • Typically 15-40 nucleotides in length (5-15 KDa)
  • Non-immunogenic
  • Clinically validated
  • Guardian’s fully stabilized aptamers
    • Stable in serum (>120 hours)
    • Stable in gastric acid and intestinal fluid (≥24 hours)

Amenable to chemical conjugation post synthesis (i.e. toxin, half life extension compounds)

  • Site-specific conjugation using NHS-, thiol or Click chemistry
  • Payload Delivery (Toxin, siRNA, etc)
    • 1:1 stoichiometry of conjugation of targeting and payload moieties
    • Per gram of drug there is more payload for ApDC than ADC
  • Half Life extension
    • PEGylated aptamer demonstrates 9-day human half-life
    • Proprietary fatty acid conjugated aptamer >24-hour monkey half-life


  • CMC is a chemical synthesis process allowing for easy and rapid scalable manufacturing
  • No cell line or cell bank involvement
  • Enables a lower cost of goods for conjugates constructs and bispecifics


Aptamer Discovery Technology Timeline



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